The Cutmen 

The name is new, but the four members of The Cutmen all come from such storied backgrounds that it’s reasonable to call them a supergroup. M (AKA Reeve Malka), the multi-talented leader of ensemble, has his fingers in more pies than can be listed here, but a brief overview includes recordings with Jarboe (Swans) and membership in Orchestre Noir and Sol Invictus. He runs his own label Infinite Document, co-runs the Sol Invictus label Tursa Records with Tony Wakeford, and offers his mobile engineering and studio services to bands of all genres World-famous percussionist Z’EV needs no introduction. His career spans more than 30 years, 50 albums, countless performances, and collaborations with Glenn Branca, Organum, Merzbow and Psychic TV. stephen Flinn has been playing professionally as a percussionist and drummer for more than 20 years, performing across America, Europe and Japan. He collaborated on an album with cyberpunk author Kenji Siratori, and has been written about in numerous jazz publications. Giles Leaman began his professional career 30 years ago as a member of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, and has recorded with Rip Rig & Panic, Thomas Dolby, The Drones, Echo City, and a special performance of Brion Gysin’s Cut-Up Poetry in London. He builds musical instruments, teaches, and performs regularly. 

The music of The Cutmen is made from found sounds and unconventional instruments (including several built by Giles), skillfully arranged and performed in an engaging and playful style that constantly surprises and pleases the ear, as if one was tasting a salad made of previously unknown but delicious herbs and flowers. The songs are spacious and refined, and the overall atmosphere is one of measured and deliberate restraint rather than frenetic chaos. You can’t call it “experimental” music because it’s fully realized and complete. It’s enormously cinematic, redolent with shimmering sunsets, whispering rain showers and dew sparkling under moonlight.

“Seconds Out” is proudly presented by Soleilmoon Recordings in a hand-made screen printed cover, in a limited edition of 350 copies.

06 HORNS.mp3


*Left to right: Giles Leaman, M, Stephen Flinn, z'ev 

Band photos by Guy Harries 

Giles's Drononium Pythagora was utilized for the album

Soleilmoon Press release

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