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M for Mankind - producer, guitar, bass, electronics, keyboards.

Current lineup: 

Gareth Williams - guitar, electronics

Giles Leaman - small drum kit, percussion, drononium pythagora, oboe

The Cutmen (with Stephen Flinn, Z'ev, Giles Leaman-  producer, arranger, composer, instruments and electronics

The Gild (with Tony Wakeford) - producer, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, hammered psaltery, hammered dulcimer, sounds, electronics, vibraphone, marimba

Sol Invictus - producer, hammered dulcimer, hammered psaltery, drums, percussion, 12 strings guitar, sounds, electronics

Orchestra Noir - sounds, electronics, drums, percussion, vibraphone, marimba 

The Triple Tree - producer, electronics, vibraphone, marimba

The Native - producer, guitar, electronics, percussion, keyboards

The Native was formed in 2006 by Guy Harries and M. Both had been working on experimental projects since 1996 - together and separately. The Native are: Guy Harries (voice, flute), M (guitar, electronics, percussion). They have performed widely UK and Europe & recorded for several radio stations.

Guy Harries & M - guitar, percussion, electronics 

Zunroyz - producer, tupan, cajon

Collaborations, Appearances, Involvements:

Susan Matthews - 'Motion.Silence.Echo' album - Mastered, remixed- Joy's farewell

* Tursa - With friends like these 2xCD compilation - Mastered and appeared on: 

                Tony Wakeford - "Night forever" (percussion)

                Orchestra Noir - "Bedlam" (drums)

* John Barlicorn reborn 2xCD compilation - appeared on Sol Invictus- "To kill all kings"  (percussion, hammered psaltery)

A Mythological Prospect of the Citie of Londinium album - appeared on Sol Invictus - "Down the road slowly" (percussion)

Klarita Pandolfi - A sound track called Restricted with Tony Wakeford for her Caged bird installation at the Crypt gallery 15 April, 2010

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